SWCTS-you, another exciting employment opportunity!!!

Happy Monday feminist friends!!

Hope you have had a productive and enjoyable day back at work!!

And if you are looking for employment or a fresh challenge, those of you with a background in Counselling and Therapy and who are suitably qualified, may want to have a look at this fantastic opportunity to work for SWCTS as Head of Clinical Services- see link below!!


Fortune favours the bold!!!





Help- SRASAC need somebodies, SWWOP jobs, and pick of the roles for women at the polls at The Parliament Project!

Happy late Sunday evening feminist friends,

As we prepare for a new working week, what better way to end a sunny weekend than with some special volunteering and employment opportunities to share!!

First of all, SRASAC need some bodies to woman their helpline- see link below


Secondly, SWWOP are recruiting through VAS!

Received lottery funding for 2 F/T posts- 3 year contract!

Watch this space, check Voluntary Action Sheffield this week,and contact SWWOP for more information.

Also recruiting for a 7 month temporary role 24 hours per week EXIT SUPPORT role within reach to HMP Newhall.

And last but not least with the Autumn sessions just around the corner The Parliament Project have an exciting opportunity for a part-time Administrator!


Have a great, happy and productive Monday all!!









Spinster Sister life

Hi again fems,

Happy sister day to you, those of you who have biological as well as feminist sisters!!

Thinking of the sisterhood and families, it is interesting to see how the media both influences and reflects society, albeit with some limitations.

The main broadcasting channels tend to feature a plethora of advertisements featuring the traditional nuclear family, in addition to the multitude of dating and matchmaking shows that we can view with a sense of lighthearted amusement (First Dates, Blind Date, Married At First Sight, even Naked Attraction!)

It made me reflect on the fact that it would be fantastic to see a celebration of single life in our broadcasting media, with happy and responsible single people, going to work, returning home,  enjoying a relaxing evening, at the weekend socialising with friends, and enjoying all the benefits of a single life complementing the statistical increase in single living over the last decade or so.

What an inspiration to all women this would be to see a more balanced portrayal of lifestyle choices reflected in our broadcasting media!

I will leave you with a few clips featuring yet another book “Spinster” by Kate Bolick  (you can’t say we don’t give you value for words on this site!)


What do you think?

In sisterhood!!






On the Shelf

Happy Bookday fems!!

Hope you have all been able to get your head into a weighty tome today (or at least a spot of bedtime reading on the cards!)

Ever since the age of four, I have constantly had my head in a book (and on occasion several at once-obviously not literally- my head’s not that big!)

So, I was majorly excited today to discover that my copy of “A Woman’s Work” by Harriet Harman had been reserved and ready for collection at Broomhill Library!

Prologue read already and it’s proving to be a fascinating insight into one woman’s quest to break into the male dominated political arena.

So in traditional style here are a few feminist suggestions:

“Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman” by Catherine Meyer of WEP

“Hidden Figures” by Margot Lee Shetterly

“The Beauty Myth” by Naomi Wolf

“On the Road”  by Gloria Steinem

And not traditionally feminist but definitely well worth a read “Walk  through walls” by performance artist Marina Abramovic

Send your recommendations on a message post here- and whatever you do- keep reading!





















Family Fems!

Hi fems,

Happy Book day to you,

Hope you have all managed to get some time to read today!!

We know as feminists that regardless of our personal circumstances we are all family, so it’s always exciting to be able to introduce new groups or members to each other.

With that in mind, I would ask you to check out our Sheffield Feminist Network site for details of a brand new family friendly feminist group that is going to be launched by Laura Woodhouse and will be promoted throughout the network.




Pressing Pankhurst words and deeds- Wortley Hall- a conversation with Helen Pankhurst

Happy Caturday feminists!!

Hope you are all still feline good at the end of this rainy Tuesday, (duck weather!)

Something to warm your spirits (no, not a rum tasting session) but a very special event at the wonderful Wortley Hall this coming Saturday 18th August where Helen Pankhurst will be sharing and inviting reflections on the progress of women since the vote in 1918.

This thrilling event is based around a new book that she will be publishing concerning the momentous events in women’s political history spanning the previous century to the present day, examining just how far we have progressed in the almost one hundred years since some women were allowed the vote!!

So, all you passionate Pankhurst supporters, you will be in heaven from 7.00 pm onwards!!

See below for further details!!

Helen works for CARE
International and is a Visiting Professor at LSE and Manchester
Metropolitan University.
Sponsored by the National Assembly of Women, the Sylvia
Pankhurst Memorial Committee and Wortley Hall.
The lecture will be followed by light refreshments.
If you require accommodation at Wortley Hall for the night please contact
them on 0114 2882100, info@wortleyhall.com http://www.wortleyhall.org.uk
Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee, 07932 873838, megan@gn.apc.org,
National Assembly of Women, naw@sisters.org.uk, http://www.sisters.org.uk