Stationery, Shipley, and Stalking

Hi Sisters,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!

I write to you following a phenomenal weekend of campaigning with Sheffield and Nottingham WEPersons of incredible fortitude!!!!

WE have really enjoyed campaigning and getting to know the residents of Southey so far, and things are really getting exciting as May 4th is just around the corner -of the streets that WE are pledging to make safer!!!

On World Stationery Day- I have to say that I could write a book about how happy I am that our very own WEP leader Sophie Walker will be contesting the Shipley seat in the General Election!!!

WE have an opportunity to make the UK a safer and more female friendly place on May 4th and June 8th in the byelection and General Election respectively and as the week ahead marks the beginning of national stalking awareness week,  it is a timely reminder of the need to maintain vigilance, and to look out for others who may have suffered or may be on the receiving end of this  obsessive behaviour.

And on that note, to quote from Crimewatch Uk “don’t have nightmares”.


Until tomorrow!!!












Sisterhood Southey Saturday!!!

Hey Feminist Friends!!!

How was your Saturday? Out and about early doors today (before the streets have aired as my beloved nan used to say!!) for the cause WEP canvassing on the streets of Southey!!!

Our second home the amazing Asda on Chaucer Road, was our return base, where WE were greeted by members of the Nottingham branch who had travelled up to help us to become canvassing champions of the streets of Southey!!!

What a triumph for the sisterhood!!!

Feminism does not get better than this!!!

Back to do it all over again tomorrow- beating the streets with our plates of meat, to win that seat!!!

Have a super Sunday- arriverderci!!!

Friday Feeling!!!

Happy Friday Feminists!!!

And so we reach the end of another week- and what a week it was!!!

Election fever, job-hunting, theatre, cinema, elation, emotion- it’s been a whirlwind!!!

As we come to the end of the working week, I feel so pleased and honoured to use the medium of this column to communicate my feminist thoughts, and this evening I feel that it is important to reflect upon why we need feminism.

It is a word that over the years has been ridiculed, sullied, been open to definition, questioned and wrongfully associated with man-hating.

Whether you identify with the Second Wave, Third Wave, or Fourth Wave of Feminism, or consider yourself to be a Radical or Liberal Feminist, I leave you with a couple of thought provoking articles from the media which remind us why we need to keep campaigning not only to maintain our rights, but to continually build on those areas where equality is still a work in progress.


Have a fab weekend, and don’t forget that at the ballot box we are all equal- every vote matters, so make sure yours counts on May 4th and June 8th!!!









Passion and emotion!! Showroom sensation!!!

Hi Feminists,

Almost TGIF everyone!!

Politics has been making my head spin so much this week- it’s so fascinating and a fantastic time for democracy whichever party you choose to vote for- but please do vote on June 8th!!!

After a busy morning, it was time to take advantage of a belated birthday treat- the amazing Showroom Cinema had given me a complementary ticket to see a film of my choice-so I took advantage of this kindness by selecting “A Quiet Passion” focussing on the life of poet Emily Dickinson- and I was in for a treat!!!

The pleasant staff gave me a voucher to take to the refreshment kiosk to receive 2 scoops of ice-cream for free!!!

I screamed for ice-cream (not literally!) with my combination of two big scoops of lime and passion-fruit nestling on top of cherry and kirsch- so delicious- it was gone in seconds of plonking down on the front row with my sweet treat!!!!

All that sugar was well needed as the film commenced with Cynthia Nixon portraying the deeply emotional and sensitive Emily with a poignancy that left me moved to tears towards the end of the film.

Her desire for emotional and spiritual independence yet all encompassing need to love and receive love in return from her family and friends simultaneously forms the foundation stones of this beautiful film.

Emily is ahead of her time in terms of her originality of thought and unconventional approach to questioning social mores and gender relations, which lends the film a feminist angle which is touching and enchanting in equal measure.

I left the cinema in a thoughtful mood, determined to discover more about Emily, and what made this fascinating lady tick through her poetic works.

I bid you goodnight with a link to one of her famous quotations on hope that most inspiring of human wishes.


With love,
















Fairground Attraction/Bronte Brilliance!!

Hi Fems,

And so Wacky Wednesday began- morning had broken-  and so am I (broke that is!!) the jobsearch continues, I have the Universities on my radar, and I am scoping out opportunities creatively as well as targeting the usual suspects (NHS, Housing Associations, you know who you are!)

Still fizzing with excitement after the turbulent events of yesterday, the afternoon saw a saunter down to  town to catch up with a good friend for hot chocolate (the drink variety not the 70’s chart masters!)

Suitably warmed after a chilly start, it was great fun to let off a bit of steam and dice with death on the dodgems- ( and practice my driving skills in the process- it’s been a while!!)

My day concluded with the ultimate in feminist fiction- a prebooked trip to see Jane Eyre at The Lyceum!!

Our fiery passionate heroine Jane written by the wild at heart Charlotte Bronte, (who herself was forced to write under the pseudonym Currer Bell in order to have her masterpiece published) like a phoenix rises from the ashes of her turbulent beginnings, to ultimately attain the status of governess (one of the few professions open to unmarried women with career aspirations back in the day!) to the moody and unpredictable Mr Rochester whose mood swings are dismissed as being a symptom of his feelings of emotional pain whilst Rochester’s first wife Bertha is portrayed as a lunatic, and Jane continually challenges him, in order to maintain her independence.


The play is absolutely unmissable and certainly does the book justice!!


And so dear reader-I signed off and went to bed- more instalments of the Sheffieldette saga tomorrow!!


Buenas noches!!!









Sheffieldette: Theresa Day!!!

Hi fabulous feminists!!!

Well who would have predicted the events of today?

Turbulent Tuesday begins with news of a snap general election by the PM!!

Politics does not get better or more exciting than this!!!

Don’t be late for a very important date June 8th- if you aren’t registered to vote you can find out how-now!!!

Today I cannot contain my excitement at this news, I eat, sleep and breathe both Feminism and Politics anyway (and occasionally consume solid food and drink too!!)


I may not sleep this evening now what with the election and the return of The Daily Politics show!!!

Meanwhile in other news on Planet Earth, today was also Charity Tuesday so in the spirit of giving I leave you with this article from The Guardian today on the relative decline in charitable donations to Rape Crisis.

Please support your local women’s charities as and when you can, donate, volunteer your services, they need you!!!


Sermon for this evening over, I bid you farewell and a great night’s rest ready for fresh excitement tomorrow!!!













Sheffieldette: Day it like a woman!!!

Monday/Multi-coloured sock shop/Time Travelling

Hi Feminist friends!!!

 A happy end of Easter to you and a big warm welcome to a brand new blog or journal or even diary (as we used to call it back in the day!) especially if you were an 80’s chick in your formative years like me, with such formidable female figures as Alexis Carrington and Mrs Thatcher towering over the small screen dominating their masculine world with their giant shoulderpads and icy stares- I bet their diaries were a heck of a lot more interesting than my 5 year diary complete with padlock which I somehow managed to break within about three days of opening ( the diary wasn’t really that secret from then on to my chagrin!) 

So just because I fancy something to do on a cold Monday evening, and because I can, I have decided to use this page to occasionally wax lyrical or just witter meaninglessly about the joys of being a feminist (is one born a feminist or does one have this special status conferred on them like a damehood perhaps? Or a rite of passage?- future debate topic I feel!!) 

Some days I may not write much or anything at all- but if the mood strikes, I shall address you the great Feminist WordPress public and indulge in a little online disclosure as to what has been happening in my Fierce Feminist world!!!

So today- Monday the chocolate rich tea equivalent of Easter was a day much like any other- except for any Feminist bits which are always fabulous however minor!!!

Mellow Monday was a day of emails and job-hunting- yes even feminists (especially feminists!!) need to earn a crust!!! (preferably with lemon curd but I will settle for a pay cheque for now!!)

One of the emails that I had sent was to involve myself in the Sheffield Women’s Equality Party forthcoming May 4th vote count in the Southey by-elections- so dear readers if you live in Southey please take note of this shameless plug and vote with your feet to give the feminists a seat and a voice on the council on May 4th!!! WE need you!!!

If you don’t live in Southey make sure you shout shout let it all out and let Sheffield know that WE are about, and WE are canvassing on Saturday and Sunday so it ASDA be worth your while to pop along to Chaucer Road from 10:00 am to find out what WE are all about and what WE can offer Southey Sheffield and the rest of steel city!!!!

In other news make sure you check out the previous WordPress post “jobs for the girls”  and “let your skills pay the bills” to take full advantage of  making an early application to the fabulous SWCTS post of Clinical Manager!!!

 Otherwise Mundane Monday as I shall now call it was devoted to uploading videos from a camera of images of our Labrador and chums round the pad, but I did manage to make a tiny chink in the glass ceiling by wait for it sorting socks into pairs and in the spirit of Easter Monday I have many religious odd pairs!!!

Doing this, I did manage to teleport myself back to the 90’s with some great house tracks from my electric youth when the seeds of my future feminist activist self were formed-one course of Sexual Revolutions Gender and Politics at University and drunken renditions of Spice Girls hits in the street with my old girl gang later and I emerged firmly feminist and fabulous!!! And in case you were wondering apparently I was “Posh” Spice, or occasionally Sporty depending on how I was dressed- although there was no way I was going to be backflipping in the streets in my little skirts and vertiginous heels- and nowadays I’m more like Old Spice ha ha!!!

So thaaat’s all for this evening folks, but because i’m good to you i’m going to leave you with the pressing words of Laura Bates from The Guardian speaking about her experience of the highs and lows of her 5 years of working on “The Everyday Sexism Project”.

Hasta manana sisters!!!

PS it’s Tuesday!!!!!