Seaside and Southey!!

Happy Feminist Friday friends!!!

What a week it has been-from last weekends WEP canvassing in Southey- to time spent with family sashaying through seashells on the seashore- to local election results!!!

Remember nothing is impossible-the word says i’m possible if you have a dream go for it!!!!

Be happy with what you have while working towards what you want!!!

Life is not a rehearsal- let your story become a theatre of dreams!!!

Have a good one!!!!






Misogynist hate crime strategy meeting

Dear Feminists,
Our next women’s meeting is on Tuesday 2nd May when a member of the Community Policing  team will be coming to discuss the proposal that misogyny should be classed as a hate crime, just as racist and homophobia-motivated crimes are. Sheffield Feminist Network is keen that South Yorkshire Police adopt this strategy and plans to team up with other like-minded groups and individuals to influence this change.
If you want to find out more or get more involved, this is the place to do so!
This fits in with our agenda on tackling violence against women and girls and with our film on this.
If you want to be filmed giving a short (30 sec) account of any harassment you’ve experienced in Sheffield we’ll do that then too!

Feminist Friday!!! Sheroes of herstory!!! (and Ed Balls!!)

TGIF and a GBH to you all (good bank holiday that is!)

Happy feminist friday to all of you!!!

With politics firmly on the agenda Ed Balls was item no one today- honoured and appreciated with his very own day-yes really!!!

From the balls of his feet, to the tips of his toes,  as everyone knows,it’s strictly feel-good factor wherever he goes!!!

As it’s Feminist Friday and also national hero day, I want to hear about your sheheroes- who inspires you, to know more, do more, think more, dream more?

Starters for ten for me would be Gloria Steinem founder of MS magazine, and author of many books including “On The Road”, the sensational Sophie Walker, and Caroline Criado Perez  “Do it Like A Woman” is truly inspirational- and there’s more where that came from-so watch this space!

Sheheroes from Herstory would be Mary Wollstonecraft author of  “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman” and also Emmeline Pankhurst, and I have one or two friends who I would definitely include in that category for their passionate dedication to the cause!!!

Ways to get involved in feminism could include standing for your Women’s Officer post at University, join your local branch of WEP, even just registering to vote are all a means to have your say on the issues that matter to you!!!

Well after that EDucation, it’s over and out for tonight- keep your eyes on the skies, and you will take yourself to the top!!!!















Tweet Thursday treat!!

Hi all and a happy Thursday eve to you!!

It’s been the end of another hectic day in Newsland, I don’t know about you but i’m really ready for some good news!!!

Well how about this- as Parliament officially closed until June today amidst another thankfully foiled attack at the heart of democracy, we have received news that during the prorogation ceremony that the Istanbul Convention has officially finally received royal assent!!

This is timely news given that this week is National Stalking Awareness week, so awareness is critical given the recent news headlines this week. If you want to get involved locally, we have a Sheffield campaign Know The Line which aims to involve local groups and individuals-

I want to sign off on a more cheerful note supplied by my faithful online companion Twitter which will make you smile- and it’s all in the best possible taste!!!

#Make a book harmless day was trending yesterday- here’s a few for you!!

Children of The Sweetcorn by Stephen King

The Clothed and the Best Dressed by Norman Mailer

Curry by Stephen King

The Twiglet Zone by Stephen King

A Discovery of Ditches by Deborah Harkness

Pimple State by Kat Banyard

Growing Girl by Gillian Flynn

The Yellow Post It Note by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Hope one is now amused!!

Oh look-TGIF- well good night sleep tight hope the bad books don’t bite!!







Penguins,Coffee Catch-ups and Curveballs!!

Hi Feminists,

Hope you have had a great couple of days- happy Wednesday to you!!

In the great tradition of days being designated to one particular theme or event yesterday was Penguin day- no not the book publisher’s but the feathered variety!!!

The Penguin that sweetest of birds reminds me of the way life twirls us around in its tumultuous vortex of inexorable change, flailing around trying to stay upright, and stumbling as life throws us off course in new direction is a symbol of the human condition the old expression “no certainties in life except death and taxes springs to mind”.

Such was yesterday- the beautiful changeability of life was reflected in a Costa Coffee catch-up with a friend who shared a newspaper story with me about the life of the relatively unknown Gertrude Bell

I instantly thought why hadn’t I heard of this woman before!! My second thoughts were I must tell the Feminist Archive Group about this for future reference!!!

The time passed quickly, we had discussed work opportunities, and then arriving home and logging onto my NHS job site I discovered something wonderful!!

A job opportunity has arisen in my old workplace- my heart sang seeing this post as I feverishly began to type in my reference contacts and to think about the content of the application-  it is such a fantastic place to work, I would dearly love to work with my former colleagues again- so to a background of 50’s jazz standards, including the smoky tones of Julie London I compose my application- wish me luck friends!!!

Afterwards it was off to the WEP meeting at Highfield Trinity Church to discuss our party strategy for the year ahead- phew what a day!!!!

Stay tuned for the next instalment in the sensational saga of this thing we call life!!!
















Stationery, Shipley, and Stalking

Hi Sisters,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!

I write to you following a phenomenal weekend of campaigning with Sheffield and Nottingham WEPersons of incredible fortitude!!!!

WE have really enjoyed campaigning and getting to know the residents of Southey so far, and things are really getting exciting as May 4th is just around the corner -of the streets that WE are pledging to make safer!!!

On World Stationery Day- I have to say that I could write a book about how happy I am that our very own WEP leader Sophie Walker will be contesting the Shipley seat in the General Election!!!

WE have an opportunity to make the UK a safer and more female friendly place on May 4th and June 8th in the byelection and General Election respectively and as the week ahead marks the beginning of national stalking awareness week,  it is a timely reminder of the need to maintain vigilance, and to look out for others who may have suffered or may be on the receiving end of this  obsessive behaviour.

And on that note, to quote from Crimewatch Uk “don’t have nightmares”.


Until tomorrow!!!












Sisterhood Southey Saturday!!!

Hey Feminist Friends!!!

How was your Saturday? Out and about early doors today (before the streets have aired as my beloved nan used to say!!) for the cause WEP canvassing on the streets of Southey!!!

Our second home the amazing Asda on Chaucer Road, was our return base, where WE were greeted by members of the Nottingham branch who had travelled up to help us to become canvassing champions of the streets of Southey!!!

What a triumph for the sisterhood!!!

Feminism does not get better than this!!!

Back to do it all over again tomorrow- beating the streets with our plates of meat, to win that seat!!!

Have a super Sunday- arriverderci!!!