Why feminism?

Because women will shoulder almost three quarters of the Coalition government’s cuts (link).

Because women earn on average 17% less an hour than men, 22% of women in the UK suffer persistent poverty and ethnic minority and disabled women face particular economic hardship (see Fawcett for more).

Because 1 in 4 women suffer domestic violence, and two are killed every week by current or ex partners (link).

Because out of every 100 rape cases reported to the police, just seven end in the rapist being caught and punished.

Because the culture of pink and blue and gender stereotyping is stifling children’s opportunities (see Pink Stinks! for more).

Because hating your body is a normal part of being a woman.

Because single mothers are blamed for all society’s ills, dads are entitled to less parental leave than mums, our working culture discriminates against carers – most of whom are women – and tens of thousands of women are sacked for becoming pregnant every year.

And that’s just for starters!