About Us

Sheffield Feminist Network has been set up to connect feminists across the city interested in activism, friendship or a bit of both! All feminists, pro-feminists and people interested in feminism are welcome to join the Network, no matter your gender identity.

The Network is designed to be an umbrella group within which members are free to form their own groups for discussion, activism, mutual support and socialising. All we ask is that you share our commitment to ending oppression and discrimination against all women, including women of different sexualities, ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, disabled women, trans women and those with and without caring responsibilities.

The Network is still in its infancy and will be shaped by those who join, so if you have an idea for a feminist campaign, group or activity, sign up to our discussion group and start making connections.

We currently host monthly meetings for (self-defined) women only, as those of us setting up the Network believe women-only space has a vital role to play in the ongoing fight for equality and freedom.

However, these meetings are just a starting point, and we encourage men, those who do not define as female and any interested women to use our discussion group to connect and form mixed, men-only or other groups, set up meetings or organise events and activities. These will then be advertised on the website and in our mail-outs, alongside the women’s meetings.

The Network is also open to groups and organisations focused on supporting women and/or working towards sexual equality in Sheffield, as well as nationally and internationally. We want to help link individuals with groups that they may be able to support, as well as enable groups with similar aims to help each other. Please contact us if you would like to be added to our organisations page and feel free to sign up to our discussion group and post details of your activities.

This website, the SFN email address and the monthly meetings are currently run by a small number of women who met through the Sheffield Fems women’s group. We decided to disband Sheffield Fems and set up a wider Network to enable more people to get involved in feminism in Sheffield. If you would like to get involved in SFN, please get in touch.