We currently have two groups meeting regularly within the Network.

The Women’s Group hosts monthly meetings for self-defining women only. These meetings take place at 7.15pm at the Quaker Meeting House, usually on the first Monday of the month. The QMH has a level entrance with automatic doors and a lift to all floors, all of which have wheelchair accessible toilets. We have a 15 minute break at 8pm.

The Mixed Group hosts monthly meetings which are open to people of all genders. The meetings usually take place on Saturday afternoons in a cafe in Sheffield City Centre.

Details of the upcoming meetings can be found below.

Upcoming Women’s Group Meetings

Details coming soon…

Why women only?

Those of us setting up the Network believe it is vital that women have safe and supportive spaces where we can work together politically to campaign for our rights. We are the experts on our own lives and on what it is to be a woman, in all of our various identities, in a society where we do not have equal political representation, where we are disadvantaged and discriminated against simply because we are women. As women we need to be at the forefront of the movement for women’s rights and therefore we need safe, collective spaces where we can organise, share our experiences, learn from each other and support one another. Some women feel less able to do this in mixed-gender space, which is why we have chosen to have monthly meetings for self-defining women only.

Why “self-defining”?

The term “women only” has been used – and sadly continues to be used – to exclude trans women from spaces designed for women. By making it clear that we are open to all women who define themselves as such (rather than basing that definition on another person’s judgement or criteria) we aim to ensure Sheffield Feminist Network meetings are truly open to all women. For more information on trans women and feminism, please see the links contained in this statement by online feminist magazine The F-Word.

Can I set up other meetings?

Of course! We encourage men, those who do not define as female and any interested women to use our Facebook page to connect and form mixed, men-only or other groups, set up meetings or organise events and activities. These meetings/events/activities will be advertised on the website and in our mail-outs alongside the current women’s and mixed group meetings.