The big Feminist questions- Meeting today- “Sexual Entertainment venues, the State of the nation and our fair city”!!!

Hi there and happy Saturday to you feminist ladies!!

It’s Saturday, it’s July and there’s still time to hotfoot it down to The Showroom Café for our feminist network meeting between 11.00 and 1.00 pm today- here at The Feminist Network we have been finalising a few details- hence the delay in this post, but because we always want to give you the most- check out our upload today of the topic of this meeting which will be based around sexual entertainment venues.

Why not take a friend, make new friends, then enjoy a coffee and cake from The Showroom Café delicious selection, and take in a film afterwards from the tremendous selection on offer!!

Sheffield Feminist Network Women’s Group 13/07/2019

“Sexual Entertainment Venues – the State of the Nation and our Fair City”

Saturday 13th July 2019 11am to 1pm at Showroom Cinema cafe

Following dramatic revelations about alleged breaches of licensing regulations in strip clubs up and down the country, and ongoing investigations, this is your chance to hear what’s behind the headlines and about the activities of various campaign groups. Join us in the Showroom café -if the sun is shining we can reclaim Festival Square!!

Find out about:

· Sheffield City Council’s Sexual Entertainment Venue Policy Consultation process – now deferred due to a formal investigation

· Spearmint Rhino’s License Renewal Hearing in September

· The National Select Committee findings about Survival Sex

This is an informal gathering: there are, however, big questions to consider. How to raise the voices of women desperate not to be working in the sex trade? What does one woman’s personal choice mean for others in a world in which women’s bodies are monetised? How can feminists change the economic circumstances driving entry into sex work? How to mainstream the evidence of harm to all women? Where/ how do we find common ground to resist the sexual exploitation that is the sex trade?

All women welcome. The venue is fully accessible. Coffee/hot drinks and refreshments to purchase from the Showroom bar.

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