Money’s too tight to mention!

Happy Feminist Friday friends!!

Well after a short summer break, it’s all happening again- party political conference season is upon us- kick started by the pioneering Women’s Equality Party, and culminating in the Conservative Party Conference next week!!

Speaking of kicking things off,both the new football and fashion seasons are now in full swing plus youngsters of all ages have returned to school, and speaking of the latter, those of you with children may have been feeling a little short of cash, as well as energy keeping up with all the activity and timetable changes!!

Which leads me into the next piece of news, our very own Sheffield Feminist Network is back kicking through the leaves of Autumn with joyful abandon, and ready to promote the causes of liberty, equality and sisterhood!!

The next lesson we are going to give you is how you can help Single mothers in Sheffield- an initiative that is ran by the Equality Network- please see below as to how you you can make a contribution to the Money Matters project.

Volunteers in Sheffield’s Women Hub are raising awareness of the impacts of wage poverty and austerity on single parent women, who are more likely to experience poverty than other groups. We are talking with as many single parent mums as possible, from all circumstances and backgrounds, about how they cope financially and practically. We aim to help improve services in Sheffield.  
Do you lack financial security? Are you forgetting your own wellbeing as you juggle family, work; other expectations? Have you ever felt isolated? Are money pressures getting you down? 

If you want to share your experiences, and be part of making a difference for women, please get in touch. Any information shared will be treated as confidential. It will be anonymised and used only for the purposes described above. We can ensure accessible and child friendly venues if you agree to be interviewed.
Or click on https://bit.ly2LgsAbS  to complete our online survey. 
 Or complete our online survey – click https://bit.ly2LgsAb- every little helps!!

Hope you can get involved- bells now ringing, let’s race to our next lesson!!

Hiding in plain sight- next SFN meeting July 3rd at 7.15 pm Quaker Meeting House!!

Happy Saturday feminist friends!!

Hope you are enjoying the summer sunshine, and as the World Cup in Russia is well under way, what better way to show some sisterly team solidarity than by attending our very next Sheffield Feminist Network meeting on Tuesday 3rd July!!

The meeting will kick off at 7.15 pm at the Quaker Meeting House, where the Sheffield Feminist Archive Project and the Sheffield Feminist Oral History Project will be playing for the past, present and future of the feminist story by highlighting the hidden story of the feminists who have been forgotten in history!!

It’s always a game of two halves as we break for coffee and collaborative chat halfway through the proceedings- an opportunity to network, promote your various women’s interest groups etc and make new friends!!

At the end of the meeting, there is also plenty of time to discuss future events,perhaps chat with the organisers, or speakers, and maybe consider your own personal contribution to the Archive project!!

If you aren’t already on our SFN mailing list, why not pop your details down, and you will receive mailings, info on forthcoming special events and much much more!!

See the amazing details below for more details on how you can score for the sisterhood!!

“Hidden Feminists in Sheffield’s History”
With Sheffield Feminist Archive and Members of the Sheffield Feminist Oral History Project
Following their fantastic, interactive presentation for the anniversary of the first phase of women’s suffrage, members of the SFA and Oral History Project will share their stories of women who have changed Sheffield over the last 100 years and some whose important voices have not yet been heard.
* There will be opportunity to:
* Sign up to the projects including offering to being interviewed for the Oral History project or to training as an interviewer
* Hear about future plans for the development of both projects
* Donate feminist books to the new Sheffield Feminist library at Wortley Hall
* Contribute also to plans for Extraordinary Women Events in Sheffield in September
* Influence the vision for a 100 years more of Sheffield Feminism
All women welcome. The venue is fully accessible. £2/free (concs)

Truly an event not to be missed!!

See you there!

Proceed with courage!!

Happy Feminist Friday friends!!

Well as we prepare ourselves for another summer weekend, we reflect back on the week gone by and one word springs to mind above all others- courage!!

In our cities all over the country we saw women marching in the processions in celebration of the centenary of women’s right to vote!

In Sheffield we are celebrating the centenary by a host of activities some of which you may already have been involved in this week at the Festival of Debate-there’s plenty more still to come culminating in what promises to be a fabulous closing party to commemorate 100 years of women’s suffrage on 29th June 7pm until midnight at Abbeydale Picture House- in association with Wordlife and Verse Matters, including politicians, djs and much more!!

Details of the event here:

If you want to become involved in making and shaping decisions concerning women’s interests then you won’t want to miss the Women’s Hub meeting which is coming up on the 19th June 5.30 to 7.30 pm at Sheffield Town Hall- where there will be discussions surrounding VAWAG, Women and Money and Women in Poverty to name but a few as well as input from the wonderful Shefest team- always an inspiring and collaborative meeting- where the modernity of fresh thinking meets the traditional surroundings of Sheffield town hall- highly recommended!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend- don’t forget that Sheffield Feminist Network are meeting at the beginning of July- so watch this space for more details!!

Feminist Meeting tomorrow evening!!

Happy Monday to you feminist friends,

The start of another busy week with plenty of feminist activity begins with the feminist network meeting tomorrow evening between 7.15 to 9.15 pm at The Quaker Meeting House- so don’t miss out tomorrow night- and watch this space for more feminist events so keep your eyes on this site for more details!!

Feminist Network Campaign Corner

Happy Monday feminist friends!!

After the wonderful success and advancement of our female council candidates in the recent elections across the country, here’s a reminder that this is your last chance to submit an objection letter re this year’s Spearmint Rhino relicensing application,deadline is the end of the day tomorrow, Tuesday 15thMay,so if you feel that this campaign is one that you would support then please do write in to the council licensing department, factors to take into consideration could be the longevity and quality of employment, in addition to the promotion of positive mental health, public sector equality duty, and the safety aspects concerning the employees of the club, in addition to members of the public.

Submissions via email are permitted,a sample template letter is provided below which you may adapt for your use.

Licensing Service, Sheffield City Council, email to:
To Whom It May Concern
I wish to register my objection to the application by Sonfield Developments Ltd c/o 161 Tottenham Court Road, London for renewal of a Sexual Entertainment Venue licence for Spearmint Rhino, 60 Brown Street, Sheffield S1 2BS on the following grounds;
Strip/lap dancing clubs are a form of violence against women, promoting the idea that women’s bodies can be bought, treating performers as commodities. This is dehumanising. If the performer really wanted to strip she wouldn’t need to be paid to do so.
Testimonies from men who admit to using such establishments demonstrate that those men eroticise their power over the performer, getting a sexual thrill from control over her. This is related to the negation of, and absolute disregard for, her feelings within the financial transaction. This is toxic, abusive masculinity.
Many ex-strippers describe psychological harm experienced as a result of the work. This is trauma caused by dissociation, the act of separating minds and feelings from their bodies, in order to cope. Often, it is only when they have stopped stripping that the impact of that harm is realised. This is similar to the experiences of women leaving abusive relationships
Condoning, by licensing, a club which is set up to profit from the objectification of women gives a message to everyone in the city, not just the men who use it, that Sheffield Council thinks it is acceptable for women to be treated like this. This is not consistent with the Councils Equality duty to foster good relations between men and women.
Research suggests that men who hold objectifying views of women are more likely to be violent and to attribute responsibility (Victim blame) to women for violence perpetrated against them. Thus in licensing Spearmint Rhino the Council may be compromising its own Domestic and Sexual abuse strategy.
Many women have advised the Council of feeling unsafe in the vicinity of Spearmint Rhino and avoid walking past it. No woman should feel unsafe anywhere in the city.
The Council states explicitly that it is committed to reducing the normalisation of the objectification of women. SEV’s of this type do not contribute to that aspiration. Spearmint Rhino actively contributes to the normalisation of objectification of women and actively discriminates against women by promoting negative and limiting gender stereotypes and impacting on women’s comfort and freedom in moving round the city. Neither is this consistent with the Councils obligations under the Equality Act 2010.
Spearmint Rhino is situated in a residential area that is now undergoing major and extensive re development. The area has become increasingly residential with sites of cultural interest, charities providing support to vulnerable people, education providers and recreational areas in the vicinity. This gives further basis for refusal of the licence on the discretionary grounds available.

In conclusion Sheffield should be a city that aspires to promote fairness and equality for all. As such I would ask that Spearmint Rhino’s license renewal is declined.

Concerned about Spearmint Rhino? Clock ticking – Act now
A national coalition of organisations spearheaded by Not Buying It and supported by the Fawcett Society, Southall Black Sisters and Rape Crisis and a local campaign involving Zero Option, local organisations and the Women’s Equality Party are challenging the re – licensing of the strip/lap dancing club Spearmint Rhino in Brown street Sheffield.
Local business and Universities are also concerned.
You have the opportunity to have a say. Submissions to licensing must be sent in by May 15th to
You will need to raise objections on the grounds set out in the councils Sexual Entertainment Venue Policy.
Template letters available by email or from
Permission has also been granted for a Judicial Review of the above policy and the gender equality implications of licensing such establishments. This can only be granted if an application meets the threshold of significant public interest. The coalition would value any contribution to the legal costs.
Please follow link via or
if you would like to donate.

Courage calls to courage everywhere!!

Hi feminist friends- well a very late but happy Feminist Friday to you!!

How exciting it is to write this post at the end of a couple of days of wonderful results for women nationally in the local council elections- The Women’s Equality Party stood in Walkley for the first time ever- and attained a fabulous share of the overall vote- and all over the country women across the political parties were making waves and strides and increasing their vote share-when they weren’t gaining seats that is!!!

At the end of an exciting couple of weeks that saw Caroline Criado Perez amazing campaign result in the unveiling of a statue of Millicent Fawcett in Parliament Square which was proudly engraved with the exhortation “Courage calls to courage everywhere!!”

If all of this political activity has left you hungry to get involved in politics or campaigning locally- then stay posted for details of our brand new Twitter site where events will be posted!!

Have a fab Bank Holiday!!

Election Day!!!

Hi feminist friends,

Well, it’s finally here- tomorrow May 3rd is the day you get the chance to have your say in the local council elections, another opportunity to make our Suffragette ancestors proud by marking your x for democracy and for women everywhere!!

In 2018-May stands for Mayor- no, not Theresa May, but for the first time ever the Sheffield City Region is holding an election to decide who will become Metro Mayor, and this will have a big impact on local and regional transport links, as well as business growth and economic opportunities across the county and beyond!!

See the link below for the list of candidates from some of the main political parties as well as a few campaigning on particular topics of local and national interest such as The Yorkshire Party and The NHS Action Party

Meanwhile over in Walkley, your local WEP Sheffield candidate is the amazing Ann Butler, putting equal opportunities and representation, access
to childcare and an end to VAWAG firmly on the local political agenda!!

Don’t forget voting opens from 7am and polling stations close at 10pm- so there’s plenty of time to vote either on the way to work, or when you finish!!

Regardless of your politics, please exercise your legs, the power of the pen, and your democratic rights tomorrow!!

Race you to the polls!!

Feminist Friday- local Democracy day!!

Good morning Feminist friends- happy Feminist Friday!!!

Well I don’t know about you but the Spring Equinox and combined with the transition of the Sun into the sign of Aries have given me an extra vitality and spring in my step- and this time of year just brings so many new opportunities to participate in feminist activity!!

I am delighted to inform you of this wonderful opportunity to participate in a Local Democracy Day at Sheffield Town Hall this coming Sunday 25th March, an event forming part of a programme to celebrate 100 years of Women’s Suffrage where you can discover more about the decision making processes involved in local government, meet the Lord Mayor Anne Murphy and the amazing Sheffield Central Labour Women’s Officer Nikki Bond, enjoy a tour of the Town Hall offices, gaining invaluable insights into what it means to be a woman in politics today!!

Following on from the tour, no doubt you will have worked up a healthy appetite, and will be able to wet your whistle with refreshments at the Lord Mayor’s Parlour!!

The event is free, but donations are extremely welcome as the money raised will go towards securing future events for women!!

So book your tickets now for what promises to be an unmissable morning delving into the workings of local government- this Sunday March 25th between 10.00 and 13.00- follow the Eventbrite link to book your place!!!

Enjoy the day!!!

Happy International Women’s Day!!!

Hi fab feminists,

Happy International Women’s Day to you all!!

Hope you have all had a fantastic day whatever you have been up to flying the banner for feminism!!!

We celebrate today with the wonderful news that Sophie Walker has been re-elected as the leader of Britain’s first feminist political party, who in turn have also just passed their three year anniversary!!

Tonight we also congratulate the local Sheffield branch of the Women’s Equality Party as they hold their pub quiz and campaign to win their first ever seat on Sheffield City Council!!

This gets me to thinking about feminist icons from the past and present- from Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan to Caroline Criado Perez- there are so many to choose from, so come on don’t be shy I would love to hear about the women who have inspired all of you to become feminists- who or what individual person or event was your very own feminist epiphany?

Respondez s’il vous plait asap!!

Bon soir!!