Remember Remember meetings set for November and December!!

Happy Boxing Day of Guy Fawkes feminist friends!!

Hope you and yours stayed safe if you were out and about fanning the flames of feminism last night literally or metaphorically!!

As the midterms light up the political agenda stateside, as America goes to the polls, why not cast your sparklers over our fiery feminist agenda over the next couple of months!! Minus any gunpowder or treason- just feminist planning- not plotting!!!

I’m sure you will remember the 25th of November between 11.30 and 1pm as this is the day when we plan a day of action in Sheffield city centre on the international day of CEDAW centred around the #Me too and #Times Up campaigns- be sure to be there waving your placards in the air!!

Then on Tuesday December 4th we are hosting our Xmas social at The Showroom Café between 6 and 8 pm- buy food and drink as you wish from the bar!!

Hope to see you there!!


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