Spinster Sister life

Hi again fems,

Happy sister day to you, those of you who have biological as well as feminist sisters!!

Thinking of the sisterhood and families, it is interesting to see how the media both influences and reflects society, albeit with some limitations.

The main broadcasting channels tend to feature a plethora of advertisements featuring the traditional nuclear family, in addition to the multitude of dating and matchmaking shows that we can view with a sense of lighthearted amusement (First Dates, Blind Date, Married At First Sight, even Naked Attraction!)

It made me reflect on the fact that it would be fantastic to see a celebration of single life in our broadcasting media, with happy and responsible single people, going to work, returning home,  enjoying a relaxing evening, at the weekend socialising with friends, and enjoying all the benefits of a single life complementing the statistical increase in single living over the last decade or so.

What an inspiration to all women this would be to see a more balanced portrayal of lifestyle choices reflected in our broadcasting media!

I will leave you with a few clips featuring yet another book “Spinster” by Kate Bolick  (you can’t say we don’t give you value for words on this site!)


What do you think?

In sisterhood!!







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