Pressing Pankhurst words and deeds- Wortley Hall- a conversation with Helen Pankhurst

Happy Caturday feminists!!

Hope you are all still feline good at the end of this rainy Tuesday, (duck weather!)

Something to warm your spirits (no, not a rum tasting session) but a very special event at the wonderful Wortley Hall this coming Saturday 18th August where Helen Pankhurst will be sharing and inviting reflections on the progress of women since the vote in 1918.

This thrilling event is based around a new book that she will be publishing concerning the momentous events in women’s political history spanning the previous century to the present day, examining just how far we have progressed in the almost one hundred years since some women were allowed the vote!!

So, all you passionate Pankhurst supporters, you will be in heaven from 7.00 pm onwards!!

See below for further details!!

Helen works for CARE
International and is a Visiting Professor at LSE and Manchester
Metropolitan University.
Sponsored by the National Assembly of Women, the Sylvia
Pankhurst Memorial Committee and Wortley Hall.
The lecture will be followed by light refreshments.
If you require accommodation at Wortley Hall for the night please contact
them on 0114 2882100,
Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee, 07932 873838,,
National Assembly of Women,,









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