Colour your life with A-dorable volunteer opportunities at The Rainbow Cafe!!

Happy Sunday feminists!

Hope many of you across the country took Pride in celebrating yesterday at a local event- don’t forget Sheffield’s very own festival will soon be here so don’t miss out!! For details of this year’s planned schedule- follow the link below:

Why not take flight into a kaleidoscope of opportunity at The Rainbow Cafe in honour of the late Dora Daniel.



Research and Communications Volunteer 


Spirit of the Rainbow Heron
The organisation known as Spirit of the Rainbow Heron is based in Sheffield. It has been set up to commemorate the life and spirit of Dora Rachel Franks Daniel, who passed on from this life on 8th February 2015, just before her 28th birthday. Dora worked as Community Liaison for the University of Sheffield Students Union Volunteering Programme; she was well known across the city and had a positive impact in many ways. Dora was open about her own struggles with mental health; her bravery around this was inspiring and it translated into care for others. You can read more about her at

Rainbow Heron Late Night Art Cafe

The purpose of the Rainbow Heron Late Night Art Café is to promote wellbeing for young people through providing a regular safe space, with peer support and creative activities for relaxation, fun, self-expression, exploration, healing and sharing: a crisis prevention model for young people experiencing mental health problems. The ethos will be one of peer support and we intend that all who take part (guests, volunteers, artists and staff) will benefit from it. It is mainly run by young volunteers, with a range of local artists and wellbeing professionals contributing one-off sessions. The project has been recognised as an innovative and much-needed resource; it counts on moral support and collaboration from a range of public and community sector organisations. This is a new one-year pilot project, which we plan to be continued.

The café is happening every Sunday evening from 7.30pm to 11.30pm at Regather [57 – 59 Club Garden Road, S11 8BU]


Research and Communications Volunteer

There is already a lot being done nationally and locally, which helps to raise awareness about young people and mental health and/or provides the chance to share experiences and/or deepens our understanding about mental health issues. We are looking for someone with an interest in research to help us draw together what is available and make it accessible to our target audiences. This is an important, exciting and creative task for the right person, helping to develop positive action out of research.


Key attributes for this volunteer post include:

  • Experience and confidence with a range of media and communications [online and hard copy]
  • Capacity and willingness to branch out into new areas of knowledge and ways of working
  • Ability to work both collaboratively and independently as appropriate and agreed with the project managers, as well as with our Social Media Volunteer
  • Ability to analyse and synthesise a range of information.
  • Good clear concise writing (and speaking) skills
  • Ability to commit 6 – 12 months to the project and at least 4 hours a week


We can’t offer anyone a formal placement (eg as part of a course of study) but we can provide valuable media experience in an innovative environment. We’re a small friendly team and we’re here to help you get the most out of your volunteering role, and will can offer you professional support and development opportunities.


Responsibilities (depending on skills and experience)

  • Maintaining a Rainbow Heron News Page [platform to be discussed and set up]
  • Checking the news [newspaper / TV / Radio / blogs] and providing a news feed
  • Summarising 5 key weekly news topics [eg medical research; approaches to support; individual stories; political angles; new perspectives]
  • Checking key campaigns and related activities of relevant national / regional /local organisations
  • Summarising / highlighting campaign issues for local action / attention
  • Checking and summarising local news from statutory and voluntary sectors eg NHS, Sheffield Council, CCG, Healthwatch, Chilypep, Youth Commissioners, Young People’s Mental Health Champions, the Art House
  • Maintaining contact with local organisations to avoid duplication of effort, as regards communications  [NB some of this is already being done eg by Sheffield Flourish]
  • Checking and summarising the media for relevant activities under the “creative arts for mental health” umbrella
  • Highlighting and linking to “things we like” under the creative arts for mental health umbrella [inter/national and local]: ways of working; products to enjoy; outcomes to learn from; new things to try
  • Checking out and sharing other relevant social media platforms [eg Makeup and Mirtazapine; The Mighty; Rethink; Heads Together; Dragon Café etc]
  • Writing summaries, news, blogs, stories, case studies and short reports
  • Maintaining contact with relevant organisations, local and national and contributing short pieces for their websites /newsletters, as appropriate and agreed


What you can learn / how you will benefit while volunteering:

  • The basics about mental health and the issues faced by young people struggling with mental health.
  • The role of Rainbow Heron.
  • The role of a Rainbow Heron volunteer, including boundaries of the role.
  • We will help you to promote and grow confidence while learning to empower and give encouragement to others.
  • We will provide you with new skills and perspectives, and value the skills and perspectives you bring to the organisation.
  • You will be able to increase your contact with the local community we serve.
  • We will seek your views in matters relating to the work of the organisation.

Opportunities for personal and professional development:

  • On-going support from team leaders and exchange of experiences with other volunteers.
  • Involvement in other Rainbow Heron activities, such as raising awareness about the Rainbow Heron project and mental health and take part in creative activity.
  • Set SMART goals with your volunteer coordinator for developing areas you are interested in personally.
  • Job reference
  • A positive and friendly work environment
  • Reasonable travel expenses covered
  • Flexible working: mainly home-based; ideally at least 4hrs per week up to 3 days max.


How to apply:
Contact our Project Coordinator Charly Calpin for a Volunteer Recruitment Form and further information:


Read more:    Rainbow Heron Café on Facebook



Finishing the bird theme with a little musical interlude from the legendary Ella Fitzgerald

While we are also concerning ourselves with the subject of Pride, I would be interested to know what does pride mean to followers of the feminist network, and how as feminists do we incorporate pride both into our daily lives, and personal belief systems?

Why not drop me a line through this blog if you would like to have your say on this topic.

I will leave you with an article from the mighty MS magazine about the life of a woman who demonstrated immense pride in her lifetime, pioneering the use of this title Sheila Michaels who sadly passed away this week- she was an inspiration to every miss, ms, and Mrs everywhere!!
















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